Events in the Life of Arnie Lerma

Arnie Lerma

Arnie Lerma
Arnie Lerma

[While reading this website, please keep this in mind – respect it and take it to heart for anyone named here – and especially for both Arnie Lerma and his widow, Ginger Sugerman]:

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Investigators take note – watch for these RED FLAG EVENTs

Special Announcement: Sites Restored

On Friday, August 30, 2019, both of Arnie’s destroyed primary websites were fully restored and placed on-line for the public under the “Fair Use” doctrine (see LermanetRestorationAffidavit).

Fully Restored(exactly as they were at the time of Arnie’s passing)

2019 – March 28 – RED FLAG EVENT
– On Thursday, March 28, widow of Arnie Lerma Ginger Sugerman texted me to state that Arnie’s “” would not be renewed and thus no longer be functional in the near future – she failed to reveal that earlier that day, – Arnie’s primary website built up over two decades – had been wiped clean of all information – you will have to use the “Wayback Machine” to view it: on

On Friday, March 16, 2018 at his home in Sylvania, Georgia, we lost a friend and leader in the campaign for Freedom, Truth and Justice.


Arnie’s website: (you have to use the ‘wayback machine’ – Ginger wiped the site clean)

Arnie’s weblog:
Exposing Classified Methods of Mental Manipulation
RED FLAG EVENT – early July 2019, (widow of Arnie
Lerma) Ginger Sugerman wiped this site clean of all of Arnie Lerma’s past work, and began making use of the site to defame others who have questioned the mysterious circumstances of Arnie Lerma’s death.

she trashed it

Memorial Facebook Page:
Arnie on Quora:

Pay attention, please, my friend. 

Arnie Lerma – leading, pioneer whistleblower against the Church of $cientology long before it became a popular movement – was no ordinary critic of the established order.  He was a trusted confidante of a variety of persons connected to powerful interests in the Washington D.C establishment, and an avid student of the mind control being utilized by intelligence agencies suspected of being also connected to L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of $cientology.

Here is one example of the depth of Arnie’s connections and the trust of one of the heroic men of honor who confided in him… Patrick Jost – A Warrior’s Honor

Arnie was not just a target of the Church of $cientology’s harassment campaigns designed to “ruin a person utterly” – but an articulate voice for human freedom whose knowledge and experience may have been considered by powerful authorities going all the way to the top, as an “unacceptable threat.”

Was Arnie driven to an act of desperation in those last days of his life, or was he set-up in a cleverly managed “suicide” like so many others of similar stature?  This timeline and links are provided so that you, the reader, may arrive at your own conclusions and at the same time discover or become re-acquainted with a true patriot of human freedom, and his work.

Arnie had no criminal record, no history of violence – domestic or otherwise – rather, a long history of weathering psychological harassment campaigns with humility and composure.  Arnie owned a gun because he was aware of the threats to his personal safety and believed strongly in the 2nd amendment and the right to personal self-defense.

Note that the presented timeline is under construction – is “up-side down” (starting with the last events of his life) and you may wish to scroll down and up from various points to get the best sense of context. 

(This site is not about me – ignore me – I am just a friend and a messenger, so it’s just the facts plus some points to think about where there are obvious questions – and I have taken pains to eliminate my mini-photo from the top of the page sometimes obscuring the message, but wordpress does not always load with this modified parameter – sorry.)

Screenshot_2019-04-01 Messenger[all chat snapshots are between Arnie Lerma and Scott Gordon]

Exclusive quotes that Arnie shared with me personally and confidentially while he was alive, will be rendered in this blue, bold, italic font.


Timeline of Events

2018 – April 14 – Memorial Service held for Arnie Lerma

Tribute to Arnie Lerma:
Arnie Lerma was a friend to me, despite how differently he and I viewed some things in this world. We considered our friendship more important than any of those differences. Arnie made me feel welcome to approach him and was a refuge in times of stress. He understood well, the culture of shunning and the manipulation of loyalties that we had each endured, and that we were again enduring some of that together. He befriended me because he trusted me. He trusted me not to do what so many others had done to him in his life. He endured much of his life under a continual duress that he had to become accustomed to. And although his life was long and productive, his work was left incomplete. In the end it was cut short.
Arnie was a pioneer, and a brave one at that. He was one of the first – one of the few – who dared challenge an empire bent on suppressing truth. He courageously revealed the secrets of those who sought to maintain a grip on the minds of unsuspecting people through fraud. And in doing so, he sacrificed what most of us would consider a normal and peaceful life. When others were taking settlement money, Arnie was humbly taking his work of shedding light on corruption to a new level.
Arnie’s work was to prevent others from suffering needlessly from the pitfalls of the withholding of vital information. For those who sought his advice, Arnie worked personally and directly in helping them to arrive at a truly informed decision. For so many others who came across his selfless contributions in other ways, his tireless work in making available this critical information helped save them untold heartache and grief.
Owing to his courage and integrity, Arnie won the respect and trust of many people from all walks of life, right on up to some of the highest positions of power in the land. He remained worthy of that trust to the end. And what he learned from those of position who dared not go public for fear of the severest of reprisals, guided his work over his last years. Arnie had observed and identified many long-secreted patterns of tyranny, and perceived an even greater tyranny taking shape in the world of his last days. He fully recognized its use of these same techniques of secrecy, denial and manipulation, and was working in earnest to bring that vital information to the attention of the rest of us.
Arnie was a man of integrity. Slow to anger; patient and kind. Arnie’s guidance, advice and example is something I will always treasure.
With Arnie’s passing we have lost… an advocate for Truth, a warrior for Justice, and a mentor for leadership in the cause for Liberty.
May his legacy of achievements and deeds of kindness remain in our memory and in our hearts as we bid him farewell in this realm.
Scott Gordon – 07 April 2018



  • note the crude introduction: “Regarding the shooting”
  • (more fundraising!)
  • as pointed out by his son below, Arnie was born in 1950 (not 1960)
Tom Padgett (one of Arnie’s best friends) and Arnie’s son Joe Lerma – 22 March 2018

Here is Arnie’s son Joe Lerma’s speech at the Memorial Service for Arnie Lerma:


OFFICIAL Police Report (download pdf)

2018 – March 16 – After response from police to a gunshot wound to widow Ginger Sugerman, Arnie Lerma is found dead inside the downstairs bathroom, reportedly slumped against the door with his personal handgun and fatal wound to the head.

  • the bathroom had at this time [edit – confirmed – a second access! – shown to Arnie’s son Joe by an investigator on the scene]
  • RED FLAG EVENT – this is a second bathroom access – by code there would be a vented access panel on the wall around the corner to the right – and by report of Joe Lerma (Arnie’s son) this is in fact, the case…

    Ginger Sugerman provides us with a photo (from post linked immediately above) of the 2nd bathroom access (that she has publicly and vehemently insisted numerous times, “does not exist”).
  • Arnie’s own bathroom and bedroom are upstairs since he and Ginger are struggling with a troubled marriage and health issues like severe back pain – and for these reasons do not room together
  • (most people contemplating or carrying out suicide do so in their own quarters)
  • autopsy reports do not suggest more than normal dosage of his medication for back pain
  • four other family members in Ginger’s life in her past (two of them husbands), have reportedly committed suicide RED FLAG EVENT
At about 10:0pm on March 16th, Pat Dyar received a knock on his door by a distressed woman who told him, “My husband just shot me.”
Dyar, a veterinarian who lives two doors down from Arnie Lerma and Ginger Sugerman did not recognize Sugerman when she first came to their door but upon realizing that she was his neighbor and seriously injured, he let her into the house.
Pat Dyar noted that there wasn’t a lot of blood then, but it was clear the bullet went in one side of Sugerman’s face and out the other side of her jaw. According to Dyar, “there was a lot of bone and flesh missing from the exit wound.”
Dyar made a 911 call and a patrol car arrived at Dyar’s house within 10 minutes. Sugerman remained conscious and as the officers approached Dyar and Sugerman came down Dyar’s driveway toward the two officers. The two officers could see that Sugerman had a gunshot wound to her mouth and was in a state of shock but was able to tell them that she had been shot by Lerma and provide the officers with her address – 314 Holly Rd.
Emergency medical personnel who were down the street waiting for instructions were ordered to move down to the Dyar’s house. One of the officers then accompanied Sugerman and the EMS personnel to the hospital while the other called for backup before attempting to approach Lerma’s house.
After getting no response to repeated attempts to make contact with Lerma, the officer found the door was not locked and went into the house and found Lerma’s body on the bathroom floor with a gunshot wound to his head.
At around 2am Dyar received another knock on his door – this time one of the officers who informed him that Lerma had killed himself.
Dyar, told the Underground Bunker that he and his wife heard no shots which he repeated twice to emphasize the point. Dyar said, “We didn’t hear any shots,” and explained that his home is about 200ft from the Lerma’s with a duplex in between the two residences. Dyar stated that apparently Sugerman tried the people living in the duplex first, but nobody was home, so they (the Dyar’s) were the next house she could approach for help.
The Dyars knew the Lerma’s, but not well, “just to wave and say hello.” He last spoke to Lerma about a year ago when he and Ginger brought their puppy over. The dog was sick and they knew Dyar was a vet.
Dyar said that the shooting was a complete surprise. There was no previous indication that “there was trouble.”
Why did Sugerman contact the neighbors instead of calling the police, which responded within 10 minutes when they were called by Pat Dyar?


2018 March 16 – 4:30pm – Arnie’s last personal page Facebook post just hours before his passing:


2018 March 16
– Arnie makes his last comment on a page (his page is:

2018 March 16 – 12:35am – (Arnie’s personal page Facebook post indicating he had stayed up late the night before, after the domestic incident concerning Ginger reported further below by a police officer)

2018 – March 15
RED FLAG EVENT – The night before the fatal incident, Arnie Lerma leaves his house with his personal handgun secured and calls 911 and reports to the responding officer his fear of leaving his gun available to Ginger.

Report from the Sylvania Police Department dated March 15, 2018.
On the above date and time, I responded to 314 Holly Road in reference to a domestic. When Officer Reale and myself arrived, I noticed a white male with long white hair standing in front of a truck. As we were walking up, the male stated “I had the neighbor to call”. I asked him what was going on, he stated “I took the pistol out the house because my wife got mad at me because I would not buy her a car and I took some money to invest in some gold coins and I did not want her to get her hand on the gun”. He “stated she started breaking dishes in the kitchen”. I asked him if there were any other guns in the house, he stated “yes, they are not functional and they are locked up”. We got to the apartment and Mrs. Sugerman opened the door. When she opened the door she stated “sorry officers you all had to come but Arnaldo made me so mad, I did break some dishes to blow off some steam, and I thought it was better for me to do that then breaking them on him”. I observed some dishes broken on the kitchen floor and oil on the floor. Then she stated “there is no law against me breaking my own things”. Officer Reale told her it was against the law to be destroying the property since they were married. I asked her why she was so mad? She stated “I had won some money in a settlement and I had him put the money in his bank account, but what I am mad about is he has been taking money out blowing it on gold coins and he makes bad investments”. She stated” I told him I wanted to buy a new car and he refuses to get the money out for me”. She stated ” he claims that Armageddon is coming and that’s why he had been trying to buy gold”. She stated” I am Bipolar”. She stated ” I am fine now since I have blown off some steam and he will sleep up stairs while I sleep down stairs like we have the past few years”. Both parties denied any physical contact tonight and I did not see any marks on them. Both parties agreed they were going to separate parts of the apartment for the night as I was writing down their information from their I. D.. Mrs. Sugerman asked me what she could do about getting her money from his account, I advised her to seek advice from an attorney or talk to the Magistrate Judge. When I left both parties were calm and I did not have to return back during the rest of my shift.
Sylvania-Police-Department (pdf)


2018 – March ~14~(?) RED FLAG EVENT – A video is surreptitiously taken of Arnie being berated by Ginger as she goes over three accusations of what she terms, “violence” during an argument over a laptop computer of hers in need of repair and her last-minute demand to hand the computer back in a sudden change of plan.  Arnie is seen breaking down in tears, sobbing in the hallway as he listens to Ginger demanding an admission of guilt to three items:

  • Ginger being “shoved” into the couch (this turns out to be the fact that Arnie finally let go of the laptop and she fell back onto the couch)
  • “kicking the dog” (turns out that Arnie seems to have swept the dog out from under his feet – the dog can be seen in the video cozying up to Arnie)
  • “kicking the table” (the table is undamaged and Arnie is seen protesting that he tripped into the table leg unintentionally)
  • Arnie is not likely aware the video is being taken.  Ginger is obviously wording her statements and leading questions in such a way as to draw forth concessions from Arnie (as in admitting guilt)
  • (the video was posted by Ginger to a Facebook conversation and is subject to removal, although Ginger seemed to think it defended her case – I personally watched the video three times through, but was unable to record it)
  • note that this video has, as of this writing, been stripped from Facebook (so far, I have been unable to access the video again)


2018 – March  – Ginger Sugerman has posted a copy of a 911 call that she made some days before the shootings, that ended in her dropping the request for assistance, when Arnie offered to stay at a hotel for that night.

2018 – March  – (starting in 2017) – Arnie reaches out to friend Tom Padgett:

He had shared with me his woes with the widow going back to the 2017s. Much on the phone. I had e-chatted with him just 2-3 nights before his death. He seemed like things were better since [she] got her meds adjusted. I think now he just didn’t want to talk about her as it was a lost cause but not knowing where to go.

2018 March 12
Arnie’s last update to Quora

2018 February 26Arnie’s last post to Quora

2018 February 24 – !*!  Read this last post to his personal weblog  !*!
Operation Mind Control

2018 February – Arnie Lerma reaches out to me in desperation on Facebook chat (these last messages have since been scrubbed by some account-holder who apparently has his password!).  He was talking about how he was in need of someone to talk to, and that he was at his wits end as far as what to do, and I was in the middle of travels and unable to respond.

Arnie Reached Out for Help From Me…
…just a few weeks ago, and I was traveling and then ill for a while, and so I missed the opportunity. When I’d finally gotten back to him he was in despair…
– (posted 23 Mar 2018 by Scott Gordon in Facebook group, “Auditing the Group Engram” in which Arnie Lerma had long been a member)


2018 January 20 – [In my opinion, this was one of Arnie’s most important posts – it is about the manipulation of social media using methods very possibly developed in $cientology]

2017 – December 13
– (Facebook Chat)Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(1)

2017 – Dec. 13

[“What’s happening?”]

“Depressed.  I think I’ve been too trusting of many people.”

[sends me an text attachment – Arnie2Scott(1of3) Arnie2Scott(2of3) Arnie2Scott(3of3) – of something he was working on – unedited – this is mainly about Patricia Greenway and the Lisa McPherson Trust (LMT) and appears to be a chat with someone that he copied and pasted to send me]

“Nobody in particular.  I’m doubting Jon Atack.  Some details from the past.  [You] may know some of this.”

[continued conversation, and I mention Jon Atack recently interviewing with Jeffrey Augustine]

[Jeffrey] Augustine copies my stuff from years ago on OCMB and calls it his insights.  You can see his copies of my stuff on OCMB, he adds glitzy pictures and changes it a little bit.  It started long before Karen.

[“Ah, wow.”]

“No wonder they don’t like my stuff.  It explains the methods they use.”


2017 – December 8 – Arnie Lerma reaches out to me with an international (Skype) call that I wasn’t available to take (I was in Argentina), asking me to get back to him (I had no idea he was having such difficulty).


2017 – October 5 – (Facebook Chat) (link here)Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(3)


2017 – June 17 – (Facebook Chat)


[links from above]


2017 – May 28 – (Facebook Chat) [SG – Joe Lynn (now deceased) was an attacker of Arnie Lerma and from a military family who had never been in $cientology but hung around ex-Scientologist chatrooms]

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(6)

2017 – May 12 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(9)
“Rod [Keller] has been compromised…”
Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(8)
“Gregg Haugland hasn’t spoken to me since [Patricia] Greenway flew to Toronto to visit him.”

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(7)
“You know I know too much – I know you do, too.”


2017 – May 7 – (Facebook Chat) – [and speaking of “knowing too much,”…Arnie writes]

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(10)
[This content alluded to will have to wait for a future update, I’m afraid.]

2017 – February 2 – (Facebook Chat)






















[series of photos believed to have been smuggled out from a NASA presentation in 2001]


2017 – January 6 – (Facebook Chat) [Arnie posted a tribute to Patrick Jost here, so now I can share this with the rest of the world for the first time, ever…]

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(12)
[note that Arnie was unaware of or did not make the connection, that this letter had already been published with Patrick Jost’s name on it, here ]
Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(11)

Here is the full text:

This is a letter written by L. Fletcher Prouty to Patrick Jost regarding the military service of L. Ron Hubbard.

Patrick Jost
(deleted street address)
Falls Church, Virginia 22042-1830

June 1, 1995

Dear Patrick,

First, about your letter of May 26, 1995, I have not included my telephone number, because my severe deafness precludes comfortable and meaningful conversations.

I have not been aware of the “controversy about the war record of LRH.”  I am not and never have been a member of the Internet or Scientology.  Once in a while folks mention some subject that included my name, and it always comes as a surprise.  I am surprised by the existence of what you term the “Prouty Declaration.”  Is it purported to be a single document, or is it a file of records, and how did my name get on it?

It is a fact that I wrote, when I was employed by the legal representatives of the Church, or by their own researchers who were working for their legal staff, a considerable amount of LRH material that I located in various military files.  My contact with the church, its people, and its legal teams was always on the basis of an outside “expert witness” or research analyst, etc.   In other words I was retained, contractually, to do certain projects as directed by them.

I am well aware of the fact that there are all kinds of arguments about the military career of LRH.  I thought I had straightened that out… up to a point.  He had a much more important career than they knew at Church headquarters, and from the files available to those who could find them and interpret them properly.

Furthermore there is great obfuscation among his purported “military” records. Despite all that, he had a most unusual and important career… by military standards.  I know the intelligence business well, and some of its important peripheral areas and can tell what is real and what is not.

At the conclusion of my last work for them I was on the brink of finding and interpreting a true golden lode of records.  I have always believed that because I had pointed the way to their own in-house experts that they would finish the job.

The 1993 work that you quote gives a totally inadequate summary of his record, and may have been written that way on purpose.  I am quite surprised, as a result of your current interest to learn that you are “unaware of any Navy records to support the claim that Mr Hubbard, etc.”  I know very well he served in Australia and in fighting off the western coast of Australia, and that he was involved in many other actions.  However much of his service was heavily cloaked in security coverage.  Have you ever noted that he worked under FDR’s chief of Intelligence Vanderbilt?

The next paragraph of your letter gives some of the facts.  I can not account for the fact that the Church chooses to provide its own “cover” for his intelligence career; but that is none of my business.  I provided them with what they asked me to do. I found much more than they expected.

Next you ask for further information.  Many years ago I was asked to write the biography of LRH by the Bridge people.  I worked on the project for years and even was invited to American Booksellers Ass’n meetings where I was featured as the “LRH Biographer” to be.  It was during this active and deep project that I discovered the material you have heard about.

Then LRH died, and things cooled off for a bit. I was busy and without their continued support, or retainer from Bridge, I had no recourse but to stop my work and to get on with other things, such as my work for for Oliver Stone with the film “JFK” and my book about all that.

I can not account for the Church’s choice to conceal my findings.  At the end you bring up an interesting point.  You must realize I worked closely with everyone in the upper echelons of the Church and even was sent to that fine “Campus” in England, i.e. “St.—-” name escapes me.

[note – this is “Saint Hill Manor, E. Grinstead, Sussex”]

At the same time I realized that there was quite a bit of infighting at the upper echelons. It had nothing to do with me; but I could not help but notice it.  Some of my closest associates were so up-set that they left the Church.  That period marked the end of my work there.  I have sent “tons” of records to an old friend in the L.A. area who is still active.

I’m sure I could answer a lot of your questions..if they were specific. I am totally neutral. I have no interest either way; but I am personally convinced that LRH was a most extraordinary man and that his true “biography” if ever printed will be a blockbuster supreme.  His “role” in the government was enormous.  Internet is just being “had” by including me in anything today.

Your last note about “your statement What is Scientology?” does not ring a bell. It may be something erroneously attributed to me.  It is not anything I recall… but then there could be much I have forgotten… since I was never associated with the Church… except as an employee.  I find your note interesting, and full of more questions than it asks.

Yours truly,

(signed) Fletch
L. Fletcher Prouty

2017 – January 1
– (Facebook Chat) [these next two are just a quick sample of a less serious side of our conversations…]

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(14)
“Reflection starts when a subject that has had thinking stopped, restarts.” – Arnie Lerma
Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(13)
[an interesting conversation about resisting temptation…]

2016 – December 29
– (Facebook Chat)
Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(15)Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(16)Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(17)

Screenshot_2019-03-14 Messenger(18)
[note that OSA $cientology had always tried to use Arnie’s friendship with Willis Carto (of the Liberty Lobby) as a means of labeling him a “holocaust denier” – but nothing could be further from the truth. Both Arnie and I knew the difference between Zionism and Judaism – that certain Holocaust narratives were deliberately distorted – but also that numerous Jews had in fact been killed in deathcamps – (and there is more on this further down this timeline…) ]


2016 – December 27 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger
[this connects to the real background of Dianetics – from Josef Breuer’s discoveries to Sigmond Freud to Tavistock Institute to William Sargeant in U.S government hospitals – and somewhere along the line L. Ron Hubbard was included]


2016 – October 11 – (Facebook Chat) [Arnie responds to my question about whether he thought there was anything good and workable in Scientology auditing technology, and what he thought was worth pursuing]

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(1)
“The reason he [Hubbard] cut people off with all those dire shorestories [lies to cover something up] was that Grade V [Power Processing] works.”


2016 – October 9 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(3)
[Arnie recounts an operation with a psycho girl (who knew about Louie Pagliaro) sent to harass Willis Carto]


2016 – October 9 – (Facebook Chat) – [Arnie gives his opinion of what role ESMB (Ex-Scientologists Message Board) was playing in hindering the $cientology truth movement]

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(4)
“The good stuff on ESMB is impossible to find – buried in countless drivel – as if by design.”


2016 – October 9 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(8)
[Eugene Kol shows up to knock apart Arnie’s Facebook discussions]
Add the harassment campaigns and betrayals of Patty Moher:
Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(5)Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(6)

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(7)
Patty Moher was a long-time attacker of Arnie Lerma and friends of Arnie


2016 – October 9 – (Facebook Chat)
Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(9)


2016 – July 22 – (Facebook Chat) [here come some revelations about the background of Scott Pilutik – partner and attorney for Tony Ortega]

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(10)
“The guy [Scott Pilutik] advising [Tony] Ortega was at Howie Rhorer’s [Scientology] Mission for [a] few months, around the time of ‘Son of Sam’! – and knows Michael Carr, who was ordered to do an EOC [“End of Cycle” – a suicide order to be carried out for the benefit of the group] and drove his car into [a] telephone pole at 70 mph.”
[continues after speaking of a secret Facebook group for discussion of criminal investigations…]

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(11)
“Carr was pals with Pilutik.”


2016 – July 22 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(12)
[Lawrence Wright is the man who wrote “Going Clear” – Tony Ortega has attacked any narrative and anyone that connects $cientology with government/military intelligence]

2016 – July 22 – (Facebook Chat)
“any insults you receive, or insults about me, save them in a file”

2016 – April 12-13
RED FLAG EVENT – reports written in desperation to Arnie’s attorney regarding the mental breakdown of his wife Ginger   pdf of Apr 12 letter   pdf of Apr 13 letter

2016 – February 27
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(13)
[Arnie shares an Aptitude test he once pegged at 99/100]

2016 – February 15 – (Facebook Chat) [Arnie reveals that Jeffrey Augustine approached him recruiting him to join Freemasonry (Jeffrey belongs to the Knights Templar according to his own bio) ]

Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(14)
Jeffrey Augustine invited me to join the Masons – I said no – was the last time we talked – [“Fatman” is a pseudonym for a brave and honorable man linked in the opening paragraphs of this page]
See the McClaughry’s ground-breaking research here:
2016 – January 19 – Arnie’s article about the tricks of the English language – download short article

2015 – December 16 – (Facebook Chat) [Arnie connects dots between pop-psychology ritual, a satanic holiday, and David Miscavige and CST’s (Church of Spritual Technology – owner of $cientology’s copyrights and trademarks) birthdays]
Screenshot_2019-03-15 Messenger(15)

“I am in shock after watching a different version of “Wickerman” – the one starring Nicolas Cage.”

“The burning man festival is the “wickerman”

“Knowing how those that think they own us “think”…

“We, the peasants, are the sacrifice – for WW II”

“F&k me!  The wickerman is on April 30th – Walpurgisnacht – DM [David Miscavige] and CST’s [Church of Spiritual Technology] birthday, and the holiest day in satanism.”

2015 – November 15
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger
[Arnie believed that the coming struggle for mankind would be with the psychopath class that has risen to the top of governments]
“If we can define WWIII as being against psychopathy!!

“A game where everyone wins”

“say it – it needs to propagate”

2015 – July 27
– (Facebook Chat)
[Arnie copied me on some messages between he and Aida Thomas]

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(3)
“The first guy raided was John Bostrum – he hung himself – I knew John – he was an innocent – thought the tech worked” – “Poor guy” – “Then [Dennis] Erlich and Tom Klemsrud – on the same day – Klemsrud believes HE was the real target and Dennis was ‘strategic litigation’, a planned job, an ‘op’ – to GET him”
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(4)
“[Tom] Klem[srud] ran the FIRST anti-cult BBS [early internet bulletin-board service] – Klem was running boxes of documents from his BBS to [Richard] Behar for the 1991 Time article – Klem was an informant to the IRS – Dennis showed up on the doorstep of the bookkeeper for CAN – saying he was a homeless Sea org member – she took him in – he said he was a ‘computer whiz’ – Dennis ran the CAN donor database and accounting – Dennis called Tom K at home – to get a log-in for his BBS – ??? – A computer guy doesn’t call a BBS operator to get an account on a dial-up BBS – Klem had thousands of people on his board – only ONE calls him at home – Dennis – Then during the Scn CAN litigation – there was a HD {hard-drive] crash and Dennis lost everything – the entire donor database – and had no back-up – this strangled CAN financially”
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(5)
“Ok – so Dennis [Erlich] is posting mostly NOTs & NED stuff that was written by [David] Mayo – Mayo had sued $cientology in Florida – a copyright suit”
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(6)
[Arnie] “As soon as they settled [with] Mayo, they owned those copyrights. To avoid a trial in RTC vs. Lerma, they dropped all claims for the stuff I posted to the net – and under statutory copyright law – they filed a motion for summary judgment for 5 of Mayo’s issues that Dennis [Erlich] had posted which they found in my .LOG file from reading the goddamn newsgroup – but this technically made them able to argue for attorney fees – Judge Brinkerna was FURIOUS – and awarded them zero – AND – I think they paid off one of my attorneys who filed a lame brief reply – I dedicated a page on lermanet to him”

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(7)
“Dennis [Erlich] posted to Marty [Rathbun’s] blog something snarky – and Marty’s reply was – ‘you are bought and paid for by Scientology’ “
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(2)
[Earle Cooley – Church of Scientology lawyer – told Aida that the Dennis Erlich litigation was used to get Tom Klemsrud]
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(1)
[Dennis Erlich – former Sea Org member – took the money]


2015 – July 1 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(8)
“Forget Hubbard – he is irrelevant – a science fiction writer – Study the Talmud and Kabbalah – it’s as if scholars of those crafted $cientology – Hubbard might not have even known – either the 1st or 2nd Hubbard – An ex-board member of HASI Int [Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International] told Aida that $cn was taken over by ISraeli Intelligence Service [“ISIS”] in 1965 – She is 90-something now – I think it started out as DIAnetics [Defense Intelligence Agency- DIA] and was stolen by Israel in 1965 – I now believe Geoffrey Filbert – [it] makes everything else make sense”

2015 – May 9 – (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(9)
“I’m reading the Talmud. Any critic reading the Talmud is condemned to death. Now I know who killed Professor Culianu. The pattern of belief in $cientology is from the Talmud – the levels of the gradation chart, and the dichotomies – especially, are from the Kabbalah. Both use hypnosis – both worship money – both have fair game – both have an evil spirit held in a mountain, Talmud. Azazel, the archangel of deception, in Hebron. Scientology’s Xenu is elsewhere…”

2015 – March 24
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(10)
[Arnie announces his upcoming book]
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(11)
[Arnie writing his book] “Had an odd coincidence today – finished 2nd edit last night – on the first couple of pages I mention Oppenheimer – and Isadore Rabi (also a physicist) – I ordered a book some time ago by Carl Sagan’s son Paul who is an electronics guy and did a book on ball lighting – in the first couple pages he mentions Oppenheimer – and Isadore Rabi – [who] wrote the review of Dianetics in Scientific American in 1951”

2015 – March 24
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(13)
“A girl I worked with in the FSC office FOLO-EUS left the SO [Sea Org] in ’77. She was a brilliant mind. She ended up marrying Dr. Harvey Statin. He was on [the] Manhattan project. I had dinner with them and we exchanged e-mails for years. When Fukishima happened, Harvey and I agreed that THAT version of the Westinghouse reactor CANNOT melt down. Then it did. The real reason it did – and the entire Pacific is dying – each reactor uses a specific kind of fuel – with a ratio of Uranium 235 to 238. They were using fuel rods for making plutonium. The japs [Japanese] had a secret weapons program.”

2015 – March 24
– (Facebook Chat)
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(14)

2014 – November 29
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(15)
“On my [Facebook] page is a guy named John Vreeland – he has been following me around the net since 1997… when he would post on ARS [alt.religion.scientology] and hung out on my IRC [Internet relay chat] channel I was on. He told me years ago (and it did not click) ‘I work as a secretary to the Joint Chiefs of Staff’ “

2014 – October 27
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(16)
“A friend in Arlington [VA] was in the U.S. Inspector General’s office – he told me that the IRS regional commissioners were 50% Jewish mafia and 50% Chicago mobster. IG’s office at USD[ept] of Treasury. The ‘Fatman’ was another friend. He was in FinnCenn – US DofTreas money laundering division.  If you think the CIA are scumbags, that’s because they don’t want you looking at DIA – or is it – DIA – as in D.I.A.netics”

2014 – October 27
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(17)
“I used to work for IDA [Institute for Defense Analysis – contractor] when he was Sec. of Defense. I’ll tell you this much. They had psi sensitives on the upper floors [Pentagon?]. I wish I knew what ‘data’ justifies the apparent madness. I know there is some top secret briefing where they scare the poop out of every new congressman, to get them to go along with their plans. A non-confidential section of this is about the impossibility of even a regional nuclear exchange, because things are different now – since 1945 Nagasaki. The different thing is one word – PLASTIC. Vaporize one city’s worth of PLASTIC will cause a nuclear winter effect.”

2014 – October 27
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(18)
“…See, ain’t [that] cool? You get your mind out of $cientology and find you are in another nation-wide cult.”
Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(19)

2014 – October 27
– (Facebook Chat)

Screenshot_2019-03-31 Messenger(20)
[Patricia Greenway foils the McPherson litigation manipulating Ken Dander, the attorney for the family]

2014 – October 27
– (Facebook Chat)Screenshot_2019-03-29 Messenger(1)

“Psychology is the religion of the New World Order” – Reinhardt Gehlen




-more to come!- (see below for various earlier periods) –


2014 – September 11 -The Betrayal of Bob Minton

Arnie releases The Betrayal of Bob Minton to ESMB (Ex-Scientologists Message Board)





Arnie posts Jamie DeWolfe’s reading material presented at Flagdown 2014
(improved copy for download)

pdf of accident report RED FLAG EVENT – Arnie Lerma and friend Tom Padgett are rear-ended by a vehicle on Highway 175 near Alachua, FL while driving back from FlagDown 2014.  This caused severe spinal injuries to both Arnie and Tom, and pain which had to be medicated for the remaining years of Arnie’s life.

The Revelation of the Lisa McPherson Murder – Arnie Lerma reveals publicly for the first time how Lisa McPherson was killed at Flag (Clearwater, FL)

FlagDown – May 2014
Arnie Lerma appeared twice at this historical event that included Jamie DeWolfe (Great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard) and former OT VIII Geir Isene – among many others.

-more to come!-

2007 – July – [Arnie responds to a friend in need – Tom Padgett]

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2007 – true story

On the 4th of July, I was working on an older used boat I recently purchased. I was on a step ladder fiddling with the motor and transom issues. A huge mud wasp stung me on the left ear. It hurt like a some beach. I jumped off the ladder and ran into our lake cottage and complained loudly to Janie. I looked into the mirror and my ear was red and swollen. There was also a bright red line of my carotid artery disappearing under my left collar bone. Janie reports I passed out and collapsed. My next memory was waking up in an ambulance with the sirens whaling.

I found myself at the emergency room of the local Marshall County Hospital. This was the same hospital that received the wounded from the recent Marshall County High School shootings. They stabilized my vital signs and treated me for anaphylactic shock consistent with poisonous insect venom. It was weird because I never had any harsh reaction to insect stings or bites in my 57 years of life. They released me after 4 hours of treatment and observation. Janie and a friend, Dr. Charlie Cox, drove me home. We went about the evening including going out on the water to watch the July 4th fireworks with friends with our boats tied together in the middle of the bay. I was feeling woozy from the day’s unpleasant activities. I was experiencing pain and pressure in my chest. The fireworks were great as always. Many libations were consumed among the 3 watercrafts lashed together. We all returned back to our respective docks, and finished up the partying on the deck of our humble Lake cottage. Oldies music was the sound preference. The evening ended about midnight.

The next morning July 5th, the pain in my chest wasn’t dissipating. Later that day we drove to Paducah and the much larger Western Baptist Hospital that had a brand new heart wing. I was immediately tagged a high risk patient and was admitted to a emergency room cubicle. I was hooked up to many wires and tubes for both monitoring and testing. After several hours, it was diagnosed I had a heart attack. I was admitted to a regular room. A cardiac surgeon said I needed emergency surgery for urgent exploratory and corrective action. Surgery was scheduled early the next morning July 6th. With the help of Janie, I signed many release forms for insurance and a living will in the event something went south on the operating table. Turns out I was the very first patient in the surgery rooms in the new state-of-art heart wing. The surgeon’s reputation was one of the best in the region and the state.

I woke up in the recovery room hours later. The nurses reported that everything went well. I had 2 mesh stents implanted in the actual heart.
The doctor eventually came to check up on me. He reported the same good news. In the late afternoon, I was rolled back to my regular hospital room. I received gobs of nice cards and flowers. They put me on a strict low salt diet along with regimen of assorted pills. Many friends came to visit. One in particular stood out….

On July 7th, a familiar face graced the doorway of my room. It was Arnie Lerma. He had his son Joe with him who was about 13 at the time. They had driven some 900 miles from the Wash DC area to come see me. We were able to walk the hallways with use of a strolling stanchion for the tubes and wires to remain connected. We set up Arnie and Joe at really nice B&B downtown on the Ohio River. The next day we moved them to our Lake cottage as guests for the next 3-4 days. I was eventually release from the hospital and was able to spend some quality time with Joe and Arnie.

<><><> [Tom Padgett]


(THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS… Please Check Back… much of his work is yet to be linked…)


2000 – May

Arnie Lerma – May 2000 O’Reilly Fox News

I was born in Washington, DC and and grew up in picturesque Georgetown, with its tall oak and elm trees and weird gingko trees in the part of Georgetown I lived in. I lived on “R” Street across from Montrose Park.
The gingko’s were a gift from the Emperor of Japan back in the 30’s. However it was a back handed compliment. Female gingko trees have a cherry sized fruit that is bright orange, with a hard nut inside. When they fall to the ground the hard nut is easy to slip on, lubricated with the wet, oozing, orange flesh of the fruit.
However, there was something else, which was the reason female gingko trees usually are not planted near sidewalks, that something else is the smell. It is the only plant I have encountered that smells just like human vomit on a hot summer day. This gift from the Emperor of Japan was, perhaps an insult to the stupid Americans, who planted the trees in what was at the time the black ghetto where the servants of Washington’s elite used to live in three story walk ups. It was the new, up and coming neighborhood in the 50’s. Our 2 bedroom was $90 a month.
Now I lived there with my brilliant mother, who was first in her high school class in Exeter Pennsylvania, who was a single working mother. At one time she was Executive Secretary to the Ambassador of the Sudan, until the coup in the 60’s. My mom was divorced from my father when I was months old,. He founded the largest agricultural University system in Mexico and was a founding Director who became the equivalent of the Secretary of Agriculture in Mexico.
The point is, I was a Washington DC native, born and raised there. My friends parents often worked for “the government” When I would ask what do they do it was not surprising to hear “I don’t know”. We were the children of the creators of The American Dream. We also knew something was very wrong.
If I ever get my book finished those who are interested can read the whole story. Considering how little most people are willing to read these days, I am trying to keep this short…


1992 – Arnie, after working with the Ross Perot-for-President movement, does research into American History and rediscovers some lost knowledge:
The Internet is Our Liberty Tree



1950 November 18 – Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma is born

















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